What Is Bad Content?

Bad Content is a blog about, basically, bad content. Anything I've personally discovered or experienced to be bad content, including information on how to deal with spam-related emails (bad content), viruses (bad content), malware (bad content) and other invasions of privacy and I'll be adding information on how you can further protect yourself from such bad content. Information presented on here is for advancement in protection.

How Can You Tell If Content Is Considered “Bad Content”?

If an email acts for or is a business and is trying to sell you something, this is called Phishing. It's a technical term for people and companies trying to scam you of your money. Because some people are gullible and will buy almost anything they see, those innocent people are sucked into a web of lies and end up with no money left. These Phishing scams, Spam emails (emails of the same nature of Phishing), Fake Promotional emails (emails of this are also a form of scamming), etc. So, please feel free to check out the Blog for further updates on protection and techniques too.

Stay safe.


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