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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 7 April 2020

PS4 Remote Play iPad App v1.01 (iPad App Reviews)

  • Review By: Warren Woodhouse
  • Date & Time: 13th April 2019
  • Review URL: https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Warrenwoodhouse/PS4_Remote_Play_iPad_App_v1.01_(iPad_App_Reviews)
  • Devices Used: Apple iPad Air 2 (Latest Firmware Update)
  • Posted In: AppReviews, iPadAppReviews

Even on a high quality broadband and WiFi the connection becomes lost due to the frame rate in the app, the video quality is fantastic even on standard but tends to lose connection even while using the SHAREfactory app or while browsing the Home Screen of the console, with and without screen recording.

While not using screen recording, the connection to the console is still lost on many occasions.

My Review Is At: https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Reviews/iPhoneApps#…

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