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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 11 August 2020

Discord iPhone App v34.0 (iPhone App Reviews)

Posted On: 11th August 2020 at 9:15am GMT+00

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Posted By: Warren Woodhouse

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Interestingly, on the actual website login page at https://discord.com/login, if you use Google Chrome app or Apple Safari, it features a link on there that lets you send a auth code via SMS but no such link exists on the mobile app, so when the session times out in the app how exactly are we supposed to get back into it?! Do we use powers like that equal to the Man of Steel?! Come on!!

Please sort this out or at least feature Google Authenticator so we can use an auth code to log back in!!

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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 30 March 2020

Google Earth For iPhone App v9.3.18.3 (iPhone App Reviews)

  • Review By: Warren Woodhouse
  • Date & Time: 30th March 2020 at 04:52:00pm GMT+00
  • Review URL: https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Warrenwoodhouse/Google_Earth_For_iPhone_App_v9.3.18.3_(iPhone_App_Reviews)
  • Posted In: AppReviews, iPhoneAppReviews

I downloaded my map I’ve created using Google Maps and saved it as a .kml , .kmz and as a .kmz with online network updating. All three versions are imported into Google Earth on iPhone and I can’t open them on Google Earth as the app is unable to turn on and turn off project visibility of my maps. Seems to work normally for projects already available in the app that Google has provided. Please update the app so we can use our maps on Google Earth properly.

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