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    Minecraft Facts

    August 20, 2019 by Warrenwoodhouse

    Facts about Minecraft:

    Herobrine exists and he’s evil! He even destroys your builds in survival mode and in online gameplay. He stalks you when you’re not careful. If you follow him back to his house (yes he has house!), Herobrine will blow you up!

    Swords are useful for killing enemies with.

    Spider Webbing can be used in crafting to create traps and to create bows.

    TNT is very deadly and explodes, so make sure to use it carefully and to stand a few good blocks back as to not get caught in the radius of the explosion!

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    Minecraft Blogs

    August 19, 2019 by Warrenwoodhouse

    Here is a list of Minecraft blogs worth checking out:

    • Warren Woodhouse’s Minecraft Blog
    • Burnt Custard (Before The Blog Moved To Tumblr)
    • Burnt Custard
    • Jpmannen1337
    • Planet Minecraft’s Blog
    • The Minecraft Blog on YouTube
    • John Miller’s Minecraft Blog
    • Room 19’s Minecraft Blog
    • K & J’s Minecraft Blog
    • Youssarian’s Minecraft Blog
    • Lazcraft
    • Empire Minecraft
    • Minecraftopia
    • Unofficial Minecraft Blog
    • The Minecraft on Wonder How-To
    • News Blog on Minecraft Reddit
    • The World Of Notch (Official Blog)
    • Mojang AB’s Minecraft Blog (Official Blog)
    • Minecraft Official Website (Official Blog)
    • Education Blog - Minecraft Official Website (Official Blog)
    • We Love To Mine

    If you have a Minecraft blog that I should check out and might be worth mentioning on this list, please let me know by CLICKI…

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    Here is a full list of Minecraft creators on YouTube:

    • warrenwoodhouse
    • FyreUK
    • PrestonPlays
    • Lachlan
    • Vickstar123
    • LittleLizardGaming
    • Baby Leah
    • Baby Max
    • Baby Ally
    • Baby Duck
    • Baby Angel
    • TinyTurtle
    • Little club adventures
    • Little Carly
    • Little Kelly
    • Little Donny
    • Donut the Dog
    • Minevengers
    • JeromeASF
    • BajanCanadian
    • Sharky and Scuba Steve
    • PopularMMOS
    • Gaming With jen
    • Cassie the cat
    • EvanTubeGaming
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    I’ve listed below websites of heritage organisations that participate in using Minecraft to let their fans create massive scale castles and such in the space of the video game world.

    • Minecraft - Castles - English-Heritage
    • Minecraft - Search Results - National Trust
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    Link to seeds uses ChunkBase Biome Finder.

    • Odd Seed (Seed Found In This Video by ibxtoycat on YouTube): -3723852436607823346
    • My Minecraft Seed: add
    • Tutorial: add
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    Ne Recte Deorsum Suffodito. Latin quote on an official book I found on the official publisher website. The quote has four meanings in Latin:

    Not rightly straight downwards. (ne = not recte = rightly deorsum = downwards suffodito = Straight)

    Never dig down.

    Do not be torn down.

    Don’t Dig Straight Down.

    The reason behind this odd mysterious and alering quote is because it says it in the game script! Yes, in the game script it says “Never dig straight down.”. It’s also a wise Master Minecrafter quote.

    If you was to play on Survival Mode and dig straight down, you’ll end up inside a cave with a Creeper waiting for you and they explode violently!!

    To avoid this, dig a tunnel at an angle to avoid falling into potential danger. Also at the bottom of ran…

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    CLICK HERE to see my Minecraft screenshots as an entire album.

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    I’ve created a playlist on my YouTube Channel called Minecraft Live Broadcasts which features all of my live streams of me playing on Minecraft on my PS4 and my PS4 Pro.

    CLICK HERE to see the entire playlist.

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    You can now find all of my projects listed on my Minecraft page by CLICKING HERE.

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