• Warrenwoodhouse

    Posted On: 11th June 2020 at 11:01am GMT+00

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    Posted By: Warren Woodhouse

    Review Of: Groov-e Rhythm GVBT550 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    The marvel of being able to listen to your music or listen to podcasts quietly has never been easier. These headphones make it so easy that I feel at ease with myself.

    The Groov-e Rhythm GVBT550 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have long battery life, noise cancellation, comfortable ear parts along with the ability to answer calls from your phone in really good quality as well.

    The distance while wearing the headphones is another thing to mention as well. I’ve managed to leave my phone on in my game room and went to the toilet while wearing the headphones and the distance betwee…

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