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    It's been nearly 4 years since I first played on SKYRIM on my PS4 and I've almost finished the game's total trophy count.

    Lots of enemies slained by my hand of the bow. Countless days and nights have been spent aiming at the Legend trophy. I'm now at level 58 and certainly nearing towards the level of 78 in order to slain a level 70 dragon!!

    These fierce dragons can kill you if you're unprepared so I'm taking extra precautions as lead up to my final moments.

    I'm very certain that I'll take out this dragon before this year is out otherwise my next year's major priority is to complete this game.

    This game has amazed and astounded my expectations beyond what I was hoping to see in the game. I'm always, most certainly, encountering new miscellaneo…

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    Hello everybody!! My name is Warren Woodhouse and I have Autism. I love playing video games, making music, making artwork, taking photos, blogging and vlogging.

    My YouTube Channel started out on the 15th December 2005 as a way of getting my first video to be shared with friends. My first channel closed in 2006 due to someone on a fake website selling my videos without my permission. My new channel started on the 13th February 2007 and has done extremely well so far.

    My channel has over 900 videos, over 160,000 views and nearly 240 subscribers.

    If anyone wants to see my channel, check out my channel link by CLICKING HERE.

    • Hello Everybody My Name Is Warren Woodhouse - User blog:Warrenwoodhouse - YouTube Wiki on FANDOM
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    Post Date: 7th November 2015

    As I was reading through some old books relating to The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai, it mentioned of a disappearance of their "Sun Queen", which had mythical magical powers which claimed to be similar to the powerful rays of the Sun itself.

    The Ancient Lost Kingdom which has been lost to The Japanese Empire & The Chinese Imperial Qing Dynasty for thousands of centuries, have some interesting hypothesises which have no real or near-enough explaination to the possible true locations of it's last location. It's last location is of importance when discovering The Lost Kingdom.

    You may use some of my examples in your thesis, theories, hypothesis, etc. - just be sure to give credit to me, where possible, with a link …

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    I had a wonderful day out with my family today at Whalton Village Show. Took some photos. I also had a go on the archery, tombola, raffle, turnip tossing, saw some classic cars and watched a dog show too. I bought some different cheeses and some bottles of craft ale from a local craft ale brewery in Northumberland. Very hot day but I’m exceptionally happy.

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    Updated Post (5th September 2019) | Original Post (17th August 2019)

    Updated Post Date: 5th September 2019 | Original Post Date: 17th August 2019. (My post was removed, why?!)

    My idea for the next update will be a water bucket that removes large amounts of water in one go, lake and/or oceans. It’ll also be able to re-add water back in by a single drop. This will be highly effective when building underwater structures or building around water in Creative Mode in Minecraft. I would love to see this type of feature in the Console Editions, especially the PlayStation 4, but if you’re willing to include it on the PC Edition they’ll be fine too but mostly for all versions of Minecraft.

    Something I’ve suggested on the Minecraft Feedback site. In thi…

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    CLICK HERE to see the entire playlist.

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    Minecraft Facts

    August 20, 2019 by Warrenwoodhouse

    Facts about Minecraft:

    Herobrine exists and he’s evil! He even destroys your builds in survival mode and in online gameplay. He stalks you when you’re not careful. If you follow him back to his house (yes he has house!), Herobrine will blow you up!

    Swords are useful for killing enemies with.

    Spider Webbing can be used in crafting to create traps and to create bows.

    TNT is very deadly and explodes, so make sure to use it carefully and to stand a few good blocks back as to not get caught in the radius of the explosion!

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    Minecraft Blogs

    August 19, 2019 by Warrenwoodhouse

    Here is a list of Minecraft blogs worth checking out:

    • Warren Woodhouse’s Minecraft Blog Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Burnt Custard (Before The Blog Moved To Tumblr) | Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Burnt Custard Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Jpmannen1337 Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Planet Minecraft’s Blog (Old Link) | Entries Feed (RSS)
    • The Minecraft Blog on YouTube Entries Feed (RSS)
    • John Miller’s Minecraft Blog
    • Room 19’s Minecraft Blog Entries Feed (RSS)
    • K & J’s Minecraft Blog Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Youssarian’s Minecraft Blog Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Lazcraft
    • Empire Minecraft Entries Feed (RSS
    • Minecraftopia (Old Link) | Entries Feed (RSS)
    • Unofficial Minecraft Blog Entries Feed (RSS)
    • The Minecraft on Wonder How-To Entries Feed (RSS)
    • News Blog on Minecraft Reddit Entries Feed (RSS)
    • The Word Of Notch (Official Blog) | Ent…
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    Here is a full list of Minecraft creators on YouTube:

    • warrenwoodhouse CLICK HERE to view my Minecraft playlist.
    • FyreUK (Matthew Needler, Phil Southam)
    • Matthew Needler
    • PrestonPlayz
    • CaptainSparklez
    • DanTDM
    • Lachlan
    • Vickstar123
    • Sqaishey
    • LittleLizardGaming
    • BlockWorksYT
    • TheReawakens
    • Ron Smalec
    • Jigarbov
    • JakpokCo
    • Golonka Swe
    • Anarrih
    • MinerArchitect
    • Bohtauri Taylor
    • Baby Leah
    • Baby Max
    • Baby Ally
    • Baby Duck
    • Baby Angel
    • TinyTurtle
    • Little club adventures
    • Little Carly
    • Little Kelly
    • Little Donny
    • Donut the Dog
    • Minevengers
    • JeromeASF
    • BajanCanadian
    • Sharky and Scuba Steve
    • PopularMMOS
    • Gaming With jen
    • Cassie the cat
    • EvanTubeGaming
    • AmyLeeThirty3
    • Salmon 77 (salmon77)
    • halfdemonanbu
    • Sir_Beret
    • Geroo
    • Nefashus
    • Heaven_Lord
    • CrespoChimp
    • iHDVibeZz
    • Junkboy
    • CNB Minecraft
    • Spifey
    • StampyLonghead

    If you have a Minecraft YouTube Channel…

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    I’ve listed below websites of heritage organisations that participate in using Minecraft to let their fans create massive scale castles and such in the space of the video game world.

    • Minecraft - Castles - English-Heritage
    • Minecraft - Search Results - National Trust
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