• Warrenwoodhouse

    It transferred everything from my PS4 to my PS4 Pro. Took from 9:30pm to 1:38am though. It was a lot of stuff. 438GB worth of stuff. At least I’ll still be able to use my old PS4 as a spare storage unit.

    I’ll just have to assign my oldest PSN account to my PS4 and my main account to my PS4 Pro. I’ve also set up the Bluetooth username for my PS4 and my PS4 Pro. I’ve managed to connect my Nintendo DSi XL to the WiFi with success. All I need to do now is to find the charger because it’s on low battery.

    I think this week is going well for me. Need to definitely move most of the screenshots from my PS4 Capture Gallery to my Google Photos account for safekeeping. That should ease up a good 188GB of screenshots and videos I’m not using. The videos …

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