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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 28 March

Liverpool & Wales Holiday 2017

Itinerary: CLICK HERE to see the itinerary of the trip.

I went on a holiday with my mum and dad. Our trip was over an entire week. During our week, we visited Liverpool and North Wales.

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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 2 November 2019

Twice Brewed Brew House Brewery Tour

Me, my sister Kirsty and my mum went on a brewery tour at the brewery of Twice Brewed Brew House in the tiny village of Twice Brewed in rural Northumberland, England, United Kingdom..

The brewery inn house is lovingly decorated with lush countryside furnishings, a beer garden, a bar, a brewery and very clean bathrooms. The inn house offers bed & breakfast as well.

The brewery tour took place in the adjacent brew house where we saw the giant vats, kettle and equipment which the tour guide was happy to discuss everything about brewing beers, ales, bitters, draughts, meads and even gin, which their currently experimenting with making.

The tour guide explained what each process does, the flavourings, etc., was mesmerized by how much depth and kno…

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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 23 July 2018

Scotland Holiday 2018

  • 1 2nd July 2018
  • 2 3rd July 2018
  • 3 4th July 2018
  • 4 5th July 2018

Visited The Royal Mile and took photos of the National Library Of Scotland, Central Library & The Elephant House.

I saw a building with a blueish green triangular roof top (Bank Of Scotland & Museum), saw a church & Edinburgh Castle where me and my mum & dad saw the 21 Gun Salute with a parade.

At the parade in the castle grounds was someone playing on a set of bagpipes with a full parade band. Me, my mum and my dad then traveled back to the place we’re staying at.

I watched the film “Deadpool” on Netflix before going to sleep.

Visited Fran, a friend of mine from Morpeth, now living at her flat in Sterling. Me, my mum, my dad and Fran, we all visited Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park…

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Warrenwoodhouse Warrenwoodhouse 16 August 2017

Denmark Work Placement


Date Published: 12th January 2014 at 16:30pm GMT+00 (North East, England, United Kingdom.)

Published By: Warren Woodhouse

Hey guys, good news! I've been mentioned on this blog post at http://web.archive.org/web/20140317012320/http://idlimited.co.uk/denmark-work-placement (ARCHIVED LINK) in relation to my recent European Work Placement over at ID's European Partner, Hvidovre Production School, in Copenhagen, Denmark.. The photo on there includes a selection of the ID Staff and ID Students who were selected to go onto the trip. Although, the airport securities were tough (with absolutely no love at all), the ID Staff kept us all calm and happy. I've been in hospital and recovered quickly. However, for what I have exp…

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