Rights I own and those who have abused my rights.


Rights I own.

Copyright Name Copyright Holder License Year It Was Created In
Warren Woodhouse Signature Warren Woodhouse WC, WL, WL5 2009
Warren Woodhouse name, likeness, artwork, written works, logos, music, designs, photographs, videos and all created contents including websites, feeds, podcasts, vlogs & blogs Warren Woodhouse WC, WL, WL5 2007

Copyright Infringement

Those who have abused my rights.

Content Name Content Creator License Year It Was Infringed In URL Of Infringed Material Entity Who Made The Infringement
warren-woodhouse on MyPlayStation - PlayStation Warren Woodhouse as warren-woodhouse Warren Woodhouse License Agreement, PlayStation Privacy Policy, PlayStation Terms of Service, PlayStation Terms and Conditions, PlayStation Terms of Use, PlayStation Data Collection Policy 2017 (PSN Profiles have removed the pages I've requested to be removed. Currently monitoring their website incase incident happens again.) PSN Profiles
warrenwoodhouse on YouTube - YouTube Warren Woodhouse as warrenwoodhouse

Warren Woodhouse License Agreement, YouTube Privacy Policy, YouTube Terms of Service, YouTube Terms and Conditions, YouTube Terms of Use, YouTube Data Collection Policy

2017-ongoing (SocialBlade is still infringing my rights as they haven't taken down the pages from their SocialBlade website which I've emailed them and requested for them to do.) , , , , , , , , , SocialBlade website owner is Curse Entertainment