This Databank has information on the evolution of species of animals, plants, ecosystem, planet and more.



Planet Evolution

  1. Planet Creation Stage: Our planet, Terra, which is the 3rd planet in our Solar System was introduced to the Solar System around 4500 billion years ago. Our planet started off as a giant former asteroid turned proto-planet which was made up of Methane Gas from the L3 or L5 asteroid belt in the Milky Way Galaxy. Gaia, a proto-planet one 3rd the size of Mars and Gaia being originally from the same L3 or L5 asteroid belt as Terra was, later collides with Mars which then broke off and formed our Oxygen atmosphere. The remains of Gaia later settles as Luna, our 1st Moon attached to our planet.
  1. Planet Formation Stage: When our planet started off as a giant asteroid turned proto-planet, at this stage the planet was still a boiling ball of gas. At this stage, the planet was still boiling and trying to settle as a constant temperature.
  1. Planet Early Lifeforms Stage: After the temperatures cooled down, single cell bacteria, rock formations and saltwater, acting as planet coolant, started to form. Different types of elements and chemicals helped to form rock formations, saltwater and single cell bacteria. Our planet's temperature finally settles and forms tectonic plates to control the constant push & pull of electric gravity that keeps our planet orbiting our star correctly.

Lifeform Evolution

  1. 1st Evolution Stage: Bacteria started to evolve into the earliest lifeforms on our planet -- sea creatures. While rock formations were still being formed into land, seawater took up 90% of surface coverage. Many sea creatures later crawled onto land to form the earliest of land creatures -- Sloths.
  1. 1st Ice Age: While its still debated about our earliest life of our planet, land was readily available for many creatures to evolve onto. Such creatures includes Primates, Sloths, Horses, Mammoths and Dinosaurs.


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