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GIF's, Graphics Interchange Format, are either static or animated images. These can be used for backgrounds, text messages/sms messages, as part of web designs, logos, blog posts, Facebook & Twitter posts and so much more.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD MY GIFS FROM SHAREFACTORY You can save your GIFs to an external USB 2.0 Flash Disk or you can share your GIFs to your Twitter account, they will appear in your Media page on your Twitter account.

DOWNLOADING GIFS Alternatively, you can transfer all your GIFs from your Twitter account to GIPHY either by Mobile or Desktop.

  • Desktop: Go to your Tweet containing your GIF, select the individual GIF as and remove _thumb and replace jpg:small with .mp4, copy the URL and paste it into GIPHY's GIF Maker to transfer the GIF to GIPHY.
  • Mobile: Follow the same method as mentioned in Desktop.
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