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The method below no longer works, please use this method instead.

Having trouble downloading your own GIF Image and want to add it to a album on your Google Photos or to your Flickr portfolio or maybe, you just want to add the image to your GIPHY profile, like me?

Well, here is a quick and easy way to do it but you need to be at a computer and not on a mobile phone, as mobile browser's can not open up view-source pages. Shame really.

Here's the guide:

  1. Find your tweet URL as a number (example: )
  2. Visit the link on your computer with your tweet number instead (example: view-source: )
  3. Look for the tweet video URL as a .mp4 file format with the video code address included and copy the link (example: - change the word code with your own video code )
  4. Create or login to your free GIPHY profile at and visit the page Create (click the link will open it from here in a new window) on your computer (can be done on mobile using Chrome App and visiting the page link at and opening up the three dots menu ( ••• ) and selecting View Desktop Site, copy your video link and pasting it in the browse box provided)
  5. That's it, that's all you needed to do. Now you have your GIF image on your GIPHY profile and you can now share it on TwitterFacebookGoogle+Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger For Mobile and other supporting social networks and applications. Enjoy!

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