Here's a step-by-step guide on how to download YouTube Video Thumbnail's. Remember, you don't own the rights to video thumbnails, you may want to contact the YouTube Channel owner for usage rights of their video thumbnails, profile pictures, screenshots, photos, videos, YouTube Channel Cover Art, artworks and created contents. If they have different policies for use of their contents, you might want to consider consolidating rights to use their contents. Warren Woodhouse created contents are the interlectual property and trademarks of Warren Kris Woodhouse Corporation.. All Warren Woodhouse created contents are subject to the Warren Woodhouse License Agreement.

  1. Visit a video url on YouTube.
  2. Contact YouTube Channel owner and state your intentions of using their copyrighted materials.
  3. If they allow you to use their contents, you can proceed on downloading their thumbnail from the video. The thumbnail link in their various sizes:
    1. s1:
    2. s2:
    3. s3:
    4. mq:
    5. hq:
    6. max:
  4. That's it. You've downloaded the video thumbnail.

You can try other various tricks by CLICKING HERE.

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