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In the old days, it was easy (2009) but now a days it is much harder to find it (2012-present). Here is a quick way to find your new feed from your YouTube Channel. Remember to follow the list correctly!

  1. First find your channel id - you can do this by going to your YouTube Channel in the Dashboard
  2. Copy the channel id
  3. Copy this link and replace channelidgoesherewith your channel id:
  4. Copy the entire link to your FeedBurner feed, then click Save Feed Details or create as a new feed as normal
  5. YouTube feed now works and your videos can be seen in a feed file directly on your FeedBurner feed.

Mine is at YouTube as a feed at & at FeedBurner as with my videos that appear only as text format, as an example. You can change different settings in FeedBurner and do other things so it's worth a try since I use it too. I highly recommend using FeedBurner or another feed creation service.

Your feed can also be opened up in Apple News & Apple iPhone Podcasts on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad if you've set the settings correctly to USM (Universal Subscription Mechanism). Once this is in effect, your feed can be viewed through different services and devices.

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