• Superman III: Pentax LX (Jimmy Olsen’s Camera.)
  • Alfie: Asahiflex lla (Alfie Cartwright’s Camera.)
  • James Bond 007 In The Man With The Golden Gun: Nikon F (Firing a rocket at a brick wall in Q-Branch at MI6.)
  • James Bond 007 In The Living Daylights: Olympus OM-4Ti (Seen in the Opening Credits.)
  • James Bond 007 In GoldenEye: Pysis Night Vision Digital Camera (When spying on Xenia Onnatop.)

TV Shows

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Video Games

  • Life Is Strange Season 1: The Storm: Polaroid 600 Land Camera (Max’s First Camera.), Polaroid Spectrum System (Chloe’s Dad’s Camera.)
  • L.A. Noire - Nicholson Electroplating (DLC): Minox A-III (Spy Camera In Suitcase In The Factory Rubble.)

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