Different types of artisan artistic art forms:

  • Artwork (Watercolour, Sketches, Self-Expressions, Portraits, Oil Paintings, Pastel Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, etc.)
  • Textiles (Woven Fabrics, Cushions, Pillows, Ponchos, Clothing, Colour Dyes (more Science than Textiles however traditional ancient methods of Colour Dyes were mixed using plants picked at certain times of the years.), Embroidery, etc.)
  • Crafting (Wood Cutting, Metal Cutting, Swordsmith, Woodsmith, Blacksmith, Locksmith, Smithing (the Art form of crafting everyday practical items such as horseshoes, keys, safes, door handles, guns, weaponry, etc.), Gunsmith, Mining, etc.)
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Photography (Daguerreotypes, Selfies (from its former: Self-Expressions), Portraits, Documentaries, Lifestyle, Historical, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Landmarks, etc.)
  • Filmmaking (Films, Video Diaries (now commonly known as Webisodes and as Vlogs), Walkthroughs, Playthroughs, Television Broadcasts, Live Streams, etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Make-Up Effects In Filming (See: Max Factor, the former HollyWood Make-Up Special Effect Artists at The HollyWood Museum)
  • Music (Classical, Rock, Electronic Dance/Synthesiser Pop, British New Wave, Pop, Ska, Punk, Composed Scores, etc.)
  • Playing Musical Instruments With Style
  • Horse Riding With Style (Dressage, Puissance, Showjumping, Cross-country, Show In Hand, Grooming, etc.)
  • Archery (Being stylish while firing arrows!)
  • Singing
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