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<nowiki><ref name="ref" group="note"/></nowiki>
<nowiki><ref>[ | warrenwoodhouse on YouTube]</ref></nowiki>
<nowiki><ref name="ref">{{cite|publisher=Publisher Name Goes Here|title=Title Goes Here|url=Link Goes Here|accessdate=MM DD, YYYY}}</ref></nowiki>
<nowiki><ref>{{cite|publisher=Warren Woodhouse|title=warrenwoodhouse on YouTube|url=|accessdate=December 15, 2005}}</ref></nowiki>
Adds: MediaWiki Template
Adds: MediaWiki Template
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Example Citation<ref name=“Example 1”>{{t|cite|publisher=Warren Woodhouse|title=Warren Woodhouse|url=|accessdate=July 21, 2001}}</ref>
Warren Woodhouse has been on YouTube since December 2005.<ref name=“Example 1”>{{t|cite|publisher=Warren Woodhouse|title=Warren Woodhouse on YouTube|url=|accessdate=December 15, 2005}}</ref>
Warren Woodhouse’s website has been around since July 2001.<ref name=“Example 2”>{{t|cite|publisher=Warren Woodhouse|title=Warren Woodhouse|url=|accessdate=July 21, 2001}}</ref>

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Here are the codes, shown below.


<ref>[ | warrenwoodhouse on YouTube]</ref>

<ref>{{cite|publisher=Warren Woodhouse|title=warrenwoodhouse on YouTube|url=|accessdate=December 15, 2005}}</ref>

Adds: MediaWiki Template

Alternative: Cite Template


Warren Woodhouse has been on YouTube since December 2005.[1]

Warren Woodhouse’s website has been around since July 2001.[2]



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#REDIRECT [[Homepage]]

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Colour Coded Entries

  • Lime: 00ffb8 <font color="#00ffb8">text</font>
  • Gold: ddaa00 <font color="#ddaa00">text</font>
  • Yellow: c5d92d <font color="#c5d92d">text</font>
  • Red: ff0000 <font color="#ff0000">text</font>
  • Blue: 0000ff <font color="#0000ff">text</font>
  • Deep Sky Blue: 00bfff <font color="#00bfff">text</font>

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