Games I’ve created and are currently working on.

Other Content

Content I created and published under the GotGames Interactive name and my own name.

  • The Sims 1 Objects (Some created prior to acquisition of Manda Industries, I’ve created most of these using a license I’ve acquired from EA to be able to create objects for use in The Sims 1 series of games. These objects are free to use and were created using Maxis Blueprint v1.0.)
  • Apps (Basic webpage based apps that run off of the Mercury Framework in FANDOM Wikitext Format.)
  • PiNgStR (A ping based tool that I’ve created that checks and calculates mobile connectivity using Microsoft Windows Command Prompt.) (Not yet ready for sharing)
  • RANDR (A simplified RSS Reader for web use.) (Currently being developed)
  • SITChat (Chatroom Service now merged with my channels on Discord.)
  • Fonts (Free fonts for personal use by my company ÆNIGMATE Productions and some businesses may be able to use these fonts by asking for a certain usage license by email.)

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