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The Freedom Trail

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  • North End District
  • South End District
  • Financial District
  • Waterfront District
  • Bunker Hill District
  • Beacon Hill District
  • Charlestown District

City Of Boston

  • MBTA Park Street Station: Park Street, Financial
  • Park Street Church: Park Street, Financial
  • Vault-Tec Regional HQ: Cambridge Ave, Beacon Hill
  • MBTA Post Office Square Station: Post Office Sq, Financial
  • The New-England Courant: Franklin Ave & Court St, Financial
  • NPS Boston Common: Tremont St, Financial
  • Massachusetts New State House: Beacon St, Financial
  • MBTA Fens Street Station: Fens St, The Fens
  • Massachusetts Old State House: State St, Financial | In the game as: Goodneighbor
  • Boston Public Library: Newbury St, The Fens
  • Massachusetts New State Library: Beacon St, Financial
  • Hubris Comics: Newbury St & Arlington St, Esplanades
  • "Red Sox" Fenway Park Baseball Stadium: Fen Way, The Fens | In the game as: Diamond City
  • King's Chapel: Tremont St, Financial
  • Feneuil Hall: Merchant's Row, Financial
  • NPS Old Granary Burying Ground: Tremont St, Financial
  • Old Corner Bookstore: Washington St, Financial
  • Boston Harbor: Long Wharf, Waterfront
  • Custom House & Custom House Tower: McKinley Sq & State St, Waterfront
  • Old North Church: Salem St, North End
  • Paul Revere House: North Sq, North End
  • Paul Revere Mall: Paul Revere Mall, North End
  • NPS Copp's Hill Burying Ground: Hull St & Snow Hill St, North End

City Of Charlestown

  • Charlestown Patriot Bridge: North Washington Rd, North Washington Brdg, Charles Riv, Charlestown
  • NPS Bunker Hill Monument: Monument Plz & Monument Sq, Bunker Hill
  • Charlestown Navy Yard: Chelsea Ave & Constitution Rd, Charlestown
  • U.S.S. Constitution: Charlestown Navy Yard, Chelsea Ave & Constitution Rd, Charlestown
  • Boston's First Public Chapel: Putnam St, Bunker Hill

City Of Cambridge

  • MBTA College Square Station: College Sq, Harvard
  • Harvard Law School: College Sq, Harvard
  • CIT - Commonwealth Institute Of Technology: Cambridge Ave, Cambridge

City Of Malden

  • Malden Middle School: add, Malden
  • MBTA Malden Center: add, Malden

Main Quests

Side Quests

Misc Quests

Unmarked Quests

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The Commonwealth Minutemen Quests

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The Railroad Quests

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The Brotherhood Of Steel Quests

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The Institute Quests

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