Here is a list of all the Bobbleheads in Fallout 4. Just print this post off and tick the boxes with a tick or an X when you've collected a Bobblehead. Great way to keep track of those Bobbleheads floating around The Commonwealth.

[ ] Luck Bobblehead: Spectacle Island (in a locker on the 2nd floor of a green boat)

[ ] Agility Bobblehead: Wreck Of FMS North Star - Quincy (on the edge of the bow of the ship, wooden platform)

[ ] Endurance Bobblehead: Posedion Energy - Quincy (on the metal desk with a magazine, near steamer trunk, central metal catwalk.)

[ ] Unarmed Bobblehead: Atoms Cats Garage - Quincy (on the hood of the rusty car in the main warehouse)

[ ] Small Guns Bobblehead: Gunners Plaza - Quincy (on the broadcast desk in the on-air room, ground floor, west side of the building)

[ ] Big Guns Bobblehead: Vault 95 (in the living quarters area, north-most room, on a radio)

[ ] Medicine Bobblehead: Vault 81 (in Curie's office, south-east corner of the Vault)

[ ] Melee Bobblehead: Trinity Tower (on a table in the cage where Rex Goodman & Strong are being held)

[ ] Intelligence Bobblehead: Boston Public Library (on the computer bank, mechanical room, north-west corner of the library)

[ ] Energy Weapons Bobblehead: Fort Hagen (in the command center, south-west kitchens, on a small table between 2 fridges)

[ ] Speech Bobblehead: Vault 114

[ ] Stength Bobblehead: Mass Fusion Building

[ ] Repair Bobblehead: Corvega Assembly Plant

[ ] Barter Bobblehead: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

[ ] Explosives Bobblehead: Sagarus Ironworks (on top of a fan behind the leader of The Forge in the Blast Furnace area)

[ ] Perception Bobblehead: Museum Of Freedom

[ ] Science Bobblehead: Vault 75

[ ] Charisma Bobblehead: Parsons Insane Asylum

[ ] Sneak Bobblehead: Dunwich Borers

[ ] Lock Picking Bobblehead: Pickman Gallery (next to the bin on fire in front of Pickman in the cattacombs deep under the Gallery)