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FALLOUT 4 (PS4) - NUKA-WORLD (DLC) - "Cappy In A Haystack" Walkthrough

Speak to Sierra Petrovita in Nuka-Town USA. She explains to you about the original Nuka-Cola Formula and how it’s a long-kept secret by the Founder of Nuka-Cola who happens to be John-Caleb Bradberton. She then hands you the Cappy Glasses and a Holotape called “Hidden Cappy Hints”.

The locations in this guide are in order as of the Holotape called “Hidden Cappy Hints”. This starts the side quest “Cappy In A Haystack”.

You’ll need to wear the Cappy Glasses when you’re collecting the Hidden Cappy’s, best wear them when this side quest is ongoing. You can wear Power Armor when wearing the Glasses however you need to be out of the Power Armor when collecting the Hidden Cappy’s.

Once you’ve collected all of the Hidden Cappy’s, enter your code at the entrance to John-Caleb Bradberton’s Office in Nuka-Town USA.

You unlock access to a secret project vault, which has the inventor of Nuka-Cola John-Caleb Bradberton’s Head stored in a U.S. Army secret LEAP-X program that goes by the name of Project Cobalt.

Bradberton wants to die and Sierra wants to let him live. You have two choices however if you’re near the Shut Off Button, you can access it quickly as soon as you’ve accepted Sierra’s offer.

Accept Sierra’s offer (Nuka-World Jumpsuit) then the mission will complete. After, quickly press the Shut Off Button to access the Secret Vault (Nuka-Nuke Launcher, Nuka-Cola Formula and other prizes!). After pressing the button, Bradberton will die and Sierra will become hostile. If you kill her, you can take whatever she has on her plus everything in the Secret Vault.


Locations of all Hidden Cappy’s.

Nuka-Town USA

  1. (Fountain At The Foot Of Fizztop Mountain) Fizztop Mountain, Nuka-Town USA. | Letter: G

Kiddie Kingdom

  1. (Way Up High) (Top Of) King Cola’s Castle, Kiddie Kingdom. | Letter: I
  2. (Behind A Door In The Room With The Spinning Floor) Fun House, Kiddie Kingdom. | Letter: F (WARNING: Spinning floor may cause unexpected seizures in people who have high-functioning Autism and ADHD.)

World Of Refreshment

  1. (Look Towards Dry Rock Gulch When Going Down The River) (Facing The Saloon Inside The Bottling Plant) Bottling Plant River (Interior), Nuka-World Bottling Plant, World Of Refreshment. | Letter: R

Dry Rock Gulch

  1. (Near The Ground) Tombstones, Dry Rock Gulch. | Letter: E
  2. (Pans For Gold) Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster, Dry Rock Gulch. | Letter: H

Galactic Zone

  1. (Look To The Stars) (Spacewalk) Vault-Tec: Beyond Earth, Galactic Zone. | Letter: R
  2. (Underneath) Starport Nuka, Galactic Zone. | Letter: S

Safari Adventure

  1. (Maze) Cappy’s Treehouse, Safari Adventure. | Letter: E
  2. (Behind The Animal Statue) outside the front entrance of Primate House, Safari Adventure. | Letter: N