Type: Faction Mission
Mission Giver: None
Trophy/Achievement: None
Guide By: Warren Woodhouse
Maps By: Warren Woodhouse
Video Guide
After hearing about The Railroad from either an NPC in the world, a Companion or through picking up and playing the “Join The Railroad” Holotape. Once you’ve heard about The Railroad, the quest begins. Follow The Freedom Trail from NPS Boston Common to NPS Massachusetts Old State House “Goodneighbor” to NPS Old North Church where the quest concludes. The part 2 video shows the rest of The Freedom Trail from NPS Old North Church to the First Church Of Boston in Charlestown.


FALLOUT 4 (PS4) - "Follow The Freedom Trail" - All Real Life Locations Found - Part 1 Of 2

Continue your path on The Freedom Trail to find every single Trail Marker or you can alternatively head back to the NPS Old North Church to finish the quest.


FALLOUT 4 (PS4) - "Follow The Freedom Trail" - All Real Life Locations Found - Part 2 Of 2

The final part of the quest concludes at the NPS Old North Church. Enter the church and kill all of the ghouls inside. Continue by entering the basement area, finding the safe tumbler and typing the code into the safe tumbler. Once the safe has successfully opened, enter the dark area in the next room to finally be able to join the infamous Railroad faction.


FALLOUT 4 (PS4) - "Road To Freedom" RR Walkthrough


  • Locations: Undiscovered Locations (if any), The Freedom Trail Locations & The Railroad HQ
  • Trophy: None
  • Companion: Deacon

Road To Freedom

Quest Guide.

Text Guide

Listen to the guys in the alleyway in Diamond City to begin the Quest “Road To Freedom”. Make sure you pick up the “Join The Railroad” Holotape from inside one of the rooms at The Dugout Inn in Diamond City.
Head towards NPS Boston Common by following the Main Road at the northern tip of Diamond City by going east, this will take you to NPS Boston Common. At NPS Boston Common, kill Swan during the Unmarked Quest “Swan”.

At the other end of the Park is the Tour Guide. Speak to the Tour Guide to hear a brief history on the battle that took place there. Then you’ll find a golden circle on the path with a marker that was painted using Red Paint. Select this to hear a Code, the Code will be useful for the last part of this Quest.

Follow the red bricked path through the Financial District & North End District, making sure you‘ve selected the Code at each Trail Marker at the locations that have them between NPS Boston Common to NPS Old North Church. Complete the puzzle in the basement of the NPS Old North Church to complete the Quest.
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  • 3rd St, Diamond City | Guys talk about The Railroad Faction. Quest “Road To Freedom” begins.
  • The Dugout Inn, Diamond City | “Join The Railroad” Holotape found inside one of the rooms at The Dugout Inn. Picking up the Holotape first begins the Quest.

  1. NPS Boston Common | Code: 7A
  2. Massachusetts “New” State House | Code: 4L
  3. NPS Old Granary Burying Ground | Code: 2A
  4. NPS Massachusetts “Old” State House / Goodneighbor | Code: 6O
  5. Old Corner Bookstore | Code: 3I
  6. NPS Faneuil Hall | Code: 5R
  7. NPS Paul Revere House | Code: 8D
  8. NPS Old North Church / The Railroad HQ | Code: 1R

Enter NPS Old North Church, kill all of the Ghouls and enter the code in the puzzle found in the Basement. Because the Quest is about The Railroad Faction, Press the following in the puzzle making sure that the puzzle moves clockwise.
Code: R A I L R O A D
Code (with numbers)
Code spells RAILROAD. Inside the Basement of the NPS Old North Church is a Freedom Trail Marker (puzzle) that acts as a Safe Tumbler. Press one of each Code in this order, including the clockwise pattern from 1 to 6 from 6 to 12, the Code is: R A I L R O A D and then press the Switch to unlock the Secret Door to The Railroad HQ.
Completing the puzzle completes the Quest.

The Freedom Trail

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Official links for each location have been included below.

  1. Tour Guide at NPS Boston Common: Tremont St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  2. NPS Boston Common: Tremont St, Boston
  3. MBTA Park Street Station: Park St, Boston
  4. Massachusetts “New” State House: Beacon St, Boston Official Website
  5. Park Street Church: Park St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  6. NPS Old Granary Burying Ground: Tremont St, Boston
  7. Old South Meeting House: Milk St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  8. Benjamin Franklin’s Birthplace: Milk St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  9. First School Of Boston: School St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  10. New-England Courant Newspaper Building: Franklin Ave & State St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  11. NPS Massachusetts “Old” State House / Goodneighbor: State St, Boston
  12. Site Of The Boston Massacre: State St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  13. New-England Holocaust Memorial: North St, Congress St, Union St & Hanover St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  14. Old Corner Bookstore: Washington St, Boston
  15. Sam Adams Statue: Merchants Row, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  16. NPS Faneuil Hall: Merchants Row, Boston
  17. Marriott Boston Custom House / Custom House Tower: McKinley Sq, State St, India St & Central St, Boston
  18. Long Wharf: Long Wharf, Old Atlantic Ave & State St, Boston (Unmarked Location)
  19. NPS Paul Revere House: North Sq, Garden Crt St & Moon St, Boston
  20. NPS Paul Revere Mall: Paul Revere Mall, Unity St & Hanover St, Boston
  21. NPS Old North Church / The Railroad HQ: Salem St & Unity St, Boston
  22. NPS Copps Hill Burying Ground: Hull St & Snow Hill St, Boston
  23. Charlestown Patriot Bridge: North Washington Street Brdg, Charlestown, Charles Riv (Unmarked Location)
  24. NPS Bunker Hill Monument / Bunker Hill (Settlement): Monument Sq, Charlestown
  25. First Church Of Boston: Putnam St, Charlestown (Unmarked Location)
  26. Charlestown Navy Yard: Chelsea Ave, Constitution Rd, 1st Ave, Baxter Rd, & 5th St, Charlestown (Unmarked Location)
  27. NPS USS Constitution: Chelsea Ave, Constitution Rd, 1st Ave, Baxter Rd, & 5th St, Charlestown
  28. First Library Of Boston: near Putnam St, Charlestown (Unmarked Location)

Historic Boston Trail

See Map

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