My Heavy Rain Unofficial Walkthrough Guide.


The video game Heavy Rain is developed by Quantic Dream and published by SONY Computer Entertainment for the PS3 and PS4 entertainment systems. The game is a crime-based "Interactive Drama" game with different characters and different choices to make at every moment during gameplay. The game's setting is the city of Philadelphia, PA, United States Of America. & Camden, NJ, United States Of America. (In the game, both cities together collectively make them known as "The City".) with the victims being kidnapped children who are drowned in rainwater during the month of October in 2009. You play as Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby, Norman Jayden and Madison Paige during the course of the story. There is a prequel known as Heavy Rain Chronicles: The Taxidermist only available to pre-ordered copies of Heavy Rain on the PS3. I hope you enjoy reading my guide.


  • Platinum Heavy Rain Master: Unlocks after collecting all 57 trophies. | Platinum Trophy
  • Bronze Interactive Drama: Press at least 1 button during gameplay to unlock. | Bronze Trophy



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Chapter 1: Prologue


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