My unofficial walkthrough guide to the seedy and classy post-war 1940’s style detective crime thriller video game set in the heart of Los Angeles.


A dark and violent crime thriller set against the backdrop of 1940’s Los Angeles.
Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age, newly minted detective Cole Phelps embarks on a desperate search for truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.


  • Revolutionary Facial Animation Technology
  • Breathtaking Action Of Chases & Shootouts
  • True Detective Work (Minus The Paperwork)
  • True Detective Interrogations
  • True Detective Clue-Finding
  • Purchasable DLC Packs (A Slip Of The Tongue, The Naked City, Nicholson Electroplating, Reefer Madness)
  • Purchasable Pre-Orders (A Slip Of The Tongue, The Naked City, 3 Detective Suits)
  • Brass Shields In-Game Collectibles
  • Film Reels In-Game Collectibles

Remastered Version Includes:

  • Everything From The Original Released Version
  • Showcased In 1080p For PlayStation 4 & XBOX ONE
  • Showcased In 4K Resolution For PlayStation 4 Pro & XBOX ONE S
  • Purchasable VR Case Files DLC Pack (Requires: Compatible VR Headset, Sold Separately) (DLC Pack, Sold Separately)
  • Technical Enhancements
  • Graphical Enhancements
  • New Content In-Game Collectibles (Records In-Game Collectibles, Novels In-Game Collectibles)
  • New Detective Suits In-Game Unlockables Each With Their Own Special Abilities
  • Original Pre-Order Packs & Original DLC Packs Now Included (A Slip Of The Tongue, The Naked City, Nicholson Electroplating, Reefer Madness)
  • New Rockstar Games Social Club Progress Tracking Page


  • CLICK HERE to see all of the real life locations from the video game series.


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