Coronavirus, technically called Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, is a global virus outbreak that has infected nearly 90% of the global population and has caused a large number of deaths in many built-up countries. The virus is a stain of powerful deadly influenza that comes directly from a series of possible wildlife creatures (Bovines, Bats).
Large media coverages has caused global mass-hysteria and this has forced many governments to advise its citizens to self-isolate and to follow their mandatory guidelines for health and safety.
Follow the guidelines and rules for your country in regards to this global pandemic of the year 2020 CE.


These guidelines might vary from country to country, however the general concept applies regardless.

  1. Remain indoors.
  2. Avoid social contact with others.
  3. Have at least 2 meter distance from you and others.
  4. Wash your hands and face every couple of hours.
  5. Every time you use the toilet make sure to put the toilet seat down before flushing the toilet, make sure you wash your hands afterwards and kick the door open as to avoid touching potential contaminated door handles.
  6. Avoid inner city areas, towns and quarantine zones, minimal use of public transportation as best as possible and don’t touch surfaces that people have whipped their mucus onto as mucus from the nose is the quickest way to receive the virus.
  7. At first sign of symptoms, call NHS 111 and visit your local A&E immediately. Follow above guidelines when visiting hospitals.

Total Positive Count

Those who have been tested positive with having Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus influenza strain.

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