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* [add Redman] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Redman] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Lewis] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Lewis] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Butler] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [ Butler] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Dowell] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [add Dowell] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [ McKinley-Carranza] <small>(Type: Household)</small>
* [ McKinley-Carranza] <small>(Type: Household)</small>

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CLICK HERE to see my video guide.
CLICK HERE to see my guide.
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A list of all of my User Generated Content (UGC).

  • CLICK HERE to see my entire gallery of created stuff on the official gallery website on The Sims 4. | Search Query: WarrenKWoodhouse

  • CLICK HERE to see my entire list of created stuff as videos.

  • CLICK HERE to see the entire photo album of screenshots taken while I was playing on The Sims 4 on my PS4.


CLICK HERE to see all of my Lots.

  • Retro Vista (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Vista Quarry Doubled] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Skylight Tranquility] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Modern)
  • [add The Cabana Club] (Type: Lounge) | (Architectural Style: American Single Shotgun)
  • [add The Siwa Oasis] (Type: Nightclub) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • Casa Del Warren (Type: Residential, Mansion) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Modern)
  • [add The Crossoctagonal] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Cruciform)
  • [add Willow Creek Church] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: American Colonial)
  • [add Willow Creek Cemetery] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: Garden)
  • [add Willow Creek Poolhouse] (Type: Pool) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Neo American Colonial, American Colonial)
  • [add Willow Creek Gym & Bar] (Type: Gym) | (Architectural Style: American Colonial, Art-Deco)
  • [add SNPS Orpheus Garden] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: Garden)
  • [add Humble Abode] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: American Single Shotgun)
  • [add Hubble Bubble] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Little Hill] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: American Single Shotgun)
  • [add Post-Modern Vista] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Thorne Vista] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Route 21 Diner] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Waterfront Hearth] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Waterfront Garden Center] (Type: Park) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Open-Air)
  • [add Oasis Gym] (Type: Gym) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Periscope Hill] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Periscope)
  • [add Athena Apartments] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Oasis Cabana] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: American Colonial)
  • [add 2 Sim Lane] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Modern Edwardian, Bohemian)
  • [add British Bungalow] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: British Modern Edwardian)
  • [add Oasis Springs Chapel] (Type: Generic) | (Architectural Style: Spanish American)
  • [add Oasis Chapel Bar & Pool] (Type: Pool) | (Architectural Style: Edwardian)
  • [add Newcrest College] (Type: Museum) | (Architectural Style: Stone Masonry)
  • [add Oasis Photography Gallery] (Type: Museum) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Triple Shotgun House] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: American Triple Shotgun)
  • [add The Breezeway] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Breezeway, 1960s, 1950s)
  • [add The Red Lounge] (Type: Lounge) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern, Breezeway)
  • [add Hot Metal Stuff Bar] (Type: Lounge) | (Architectural Style: Industrial)
  • [add Greenscape] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Willow Creek Lounge] (Type: Lounge) | (Architectural Style: American Colonial)
  • [add Valentine’s] (Type: Lounge) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add White Stone Quarry] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Post-Modern)
  • [add Grey Stone Quarry] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add The FitBox Custom] (Type: Gym) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)
  • [add Clearly White] (Type: Residential) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco, Neo Art-Deco, Open-Air)
  • [add Halvsies Custom] (Type: Nightclub) | (Architectural Style: Art-Deco)


CLICK HERE to see all of my Households.

  • [add Woodhouse] (Type: Household)
  • [add Redman] (Type: Household)
  • [add Lewis] (Type: Household)
  • Butler (Type: Household)
  • [add Dowell] (Type: Household)
  • McKinley-Carranza (Type: Household)


CLICK HERE to see all of my Rooms.

  • Add



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