Ubisoft Club App Unofficial App Guide by Warren Woodhouse.

Includes updates, things that you can and can’t say to Sam, features of the app, features of the service, features of the club website, things I’ve provided in feedback and more.

Any comments regarding issues with Sam within the app, comments need to be sent to the official support forum for Sam, which the official forum link is found by CLICKING HERE.


Ubisoft Club used to be known as UPlay and partially still is known as UPlay. The club offers discounts, rewards, games, additional content, customer service support, forums, photo mode galleries, a machine-learning gaming assistant, tips, tricks and so much more. On PC, Ubisoft Club is built directly into the UPlay app.

While on mobile and on video game consoles, Ubisoft Club offers a quick reference for spending your earned Club Units. Units let you redeem unlockables, levels, skins, soundtracks, wallpapers and more. Having 100 Club Units or more gives you 20% discount spending on the Ubisoft Store. Which means you can buy games for less.




  • UPlay
  • Ubisoft Store
  • Ubisoft Club (Built into the UPlay app)


  • Sam (Built into the Ubisoft Club app)
  • Ubisoft Store (Accessible directly via browser)
  • Ubisoft Club

Video Game Consoles

  • Ubisoft Club (Built into newer Ubisoft titles from Far Cry 4 to present. Older Ubisoft titles still have some access to the Club as UPlay. If unable to access either UPlay or Ubisoft Club, you can still access both via the internal system browser)
  • Ubisoft Store (Accessible directly via the internal system browser)



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