• On Wikipedia, the origin name of La Louvre wasn’t listed. However, it was listed on a German website dedicated to POW Camps. The word Louvre is a Frenchified verison of the word Louvor from Lower Saxony Languages. It means “Fortified Camp”. The word Louvor is the name given to German-French prisoner of war camps, which are heavily fortified (hence why it’s known as Fortified Camp). - Source: Warren Woodhouse
  • During the time of The French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte, an Italian not a Frenchman as everyone thinks he is, skipped out on his school classes at Ecolare Militair (Military College?). He wanted to be more of a General, a Leader. He trained soldiers in a makeshift training courtyard which is found at the back of the infamous art gallery. - Source: The Codex - Assassin’s Creed: Unity.
  • The Museum is dedicated to the most important and fantastic pieces of art from Italian Renaissance era to the amazing French paintings from the Belle Epoch era.
  • The Museum was once Home to the most important wealthy family in Paris — The Tullieries, who owned the land in that area.
  • The Museum has a glass pyramid with a symmetrical pyramid underneath; both are facing each other in opposite directions.
  • The full name of The Museum is called Musee Du La Louvre which translates into English as Museum Of The Louvre.


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