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Railway Routes, Train Stations, Train Operating Companies, Train Manufacturers, Historical Facts and additional information.

United Kingdom

List of United Kingdom railways.

United Kingdom - Abandoned Stations

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United Kingdom - Demolished Stations

  • North Eastern Railway Newcastle Kenton Station
  • North Eastern Railway Cold Rowley Station (Relocated To: Beamish Museum - Rowley Station)|(Renamed To: Rowley Station)|(Operators: North Eastern Railway)|(Opened In: 1867)|(Closed In: 1976)

United Kingdom - Closed Stations

  • National Rail Edinburgh Waverley Station - The Booking Office (Historical)|(Relocated To: National Rail Edinburgh Waverley Station - Ticket Office)|(Notes: The Booking Office is now a J.D. Weatherspoon pub located above Edinburgh Waverley Station.)|(Facts: The Booking Office was originally used as a waiting room and ticket booking office before being repurposed into a chain pub.)

United Kingdom - Active Stations

United Kingdom - Abandoned Routes

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United Kingdom - Merged Routes

  • Newcastle & Berwick Railway merged with Alnwick Branch Line part of London & North Eastern Railway (Active)|(Operators: National Rail)

United Kingdom - Active Routes

  • FGWR First Great Western Railway InterCity Route (Active Until: 2022)|(Operators: FirstGroup)|(Former Operators: British Rail, National Rail)
  • Newcastle & Berwick Railway (Active Until: 1923)|(Operators: North Eastern Railway)

United States Of America

List of United States Of America’s railways.

United States Of America - Abandoned Stations

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United States Of America - Demolished Stations


United States Of America - Active Stations

  • NY MTA Grand Central Terminal

United States Of America - Abandoned Routes


United States Of America - Demolished Routes

  • NY MTA’s The High Line (Historical)|(Operators: NY MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Union Pacific Railroad Co.?)|(Repurposed As: Rail Trail, Park)

United States Of America - Merged Routes


United States Of America - Active Routes


  • National Rail
  • GWR Great Western Railway
  • DLR Docklands Light Railway
  • Newcastle & Berwick Railway
  • North Eastern Railway
  • LNER London & North Eastern Railway
  • British Rail
  • DB - Deutsche Bahn
  • S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland
  • Beamish Wagon & Iron Works
  • Angles Flight Incline Railway
  • Roosevelt Island Skycar Tramway
  • NY MTA’s LIRR Long Island Rail Road


  • Beamish Wagon & Iron Works
  • NY MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland
  • DB Deutsch Bahn
  • DB Regio
  • DB Regio Tyne & Wear, Ltd.
  • Tyne & Wear Metro, Ltd.
  • Nexus UK
  • TFL Transport For London
  • BR British Rail
  • NR National Rail



Fictional Routes

  • [add Los Santos Metro] (Operators: Los Santos West Coast Management)|(From: Grand Theft Auto V)
  • [add Add Railway] (Operators: Add)|(From: Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption II)

Fictional Manufacturers



  • National Rail Alnwick Station is where the infamous "Keep Calm" World War II Poster was found by a The Bookstore Owners in a box with other antique books in their unique Coffeehouse and Bookstore now known as Barter Books. SOURCES: Barter Books


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