MOVIES - Warren Woodhouse's The War On Terror

MOVIES - Warren Woodhouse's The War On Terror


RELEASE DATE: 10th December 2015

COPYRIGHT: ©️2015 Woodhouse Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

MADE USING: Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor

DIRECTED BY: Warren Woodhouse

PRODUCED BY: Warren Woodhouse

EDITED BY: Warren Woodhouse

After Proposition 450 passes, guns became cheaper in a series of events which shook the state of San Andreas into chaos. As the city of Los Santos becomes caught in the turmoil, a state loses hope of ever having peace and prosperity again. Starring Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton & Trevor Philips with Mary-Ann Quinn.


I don't own any rights to the music used in the film. The music used is free, however, you might see advertisements which are there by the claimants of the copyrighted music. As every effort went in to make sure you get free entertainment, we hope you close the ads that appear and enjoy the film I've made for you. The film can't be played in Germany. The film may not play on certain devices. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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