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Discovery Logbook

Listed below, by date of discovery, is my entire Logbook of Planets, Encounters, Languages & Contacts discovered on my journey in the video game of No Man’s Sky.

For Planets that I’ve discovered, are also added to No Man’s Sky Wiki on Wikia. CLICK HERE to see my Contributions on No Man’s Sky Wiki on Wikia.

13th December 2016

Played No Man's Sky for the first time. The first planet I was on looked a little bit like the planet on the video game case cover art.

  • Logged By: Warren Woodhouse
  • Planet Discovered: Duluzhboce-Toser Totvasu (Star System: Woodhouse)

9th March 2017

Learned a new Vy'keen word for "Interloper".

Discovered and renamed a planet.

Took down a Hunter ship on my first attempt.

  • Logged By: Warren Woodhouse
  • Planet Discovered: Euxoisa Ottami (Renamed To: Warren)

5th April 2017

I discovered my new star system called Getdorpenbur XVII System.

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