• Hi Warren,

    We had a look as to why your Polldaddy poll wasn't working, and it seems the poll does not exist - it throws a "404 Not Found" error.

    Could you double check if the poll still exists on the Polldaddy platform? "514035276" may be an incorrect Polldaddy ID, or the poll may have been deleted.

    Thank you!

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    • As I've explained, the problem might be that its a survey rather than a poll. A private survey for collecting a response. You can find it at with the omited takes you to the start of the survey. Polls load ok but Surveys and Quizzes made using Polldaddy don't render and produce a error. The error takes you to where a Polldaddy Poll URL is rather than a Survey or Quiz.

      I have an idea. Was originally requesting if you update the entire Polldaddy integration to support Quizzes and Surveys too, which is what's needed to fix the problem. Kirkburn from FANDOM Staff tried to solve it too without any luck. Result is that the widget needs an update to feature Surveys and Quizzes. I do hope this helps.

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    • @MarkvA Here are some examples from my creations to try, you can feel free to create a profile and create Sandbox pages on my Wiki.


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    • Ah, I wasn't aware that we were dealing with a survey in this case. I agree with your assessment - the Polldaddy integration indeed does not support quizzes and surveys.

      I'll pass your suggestion on to the Community Support team who will also update the ticket you submitted. Thank you for the clarification!

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    • The Upload form supports files that Wikia doesn't support.

      I believe the poll id changed. How odd.

      I would also like to have Google MyMaps integrated. Some examples are HERE on my Wiki.

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    • Correction to my previous reply: Poll ID is the same as the original form (Survey), which does show a Poll ID but it’s not a Poll, which doesn’t compute in my logic either. The only other solution is HTML Verbatim but you guys have discontinued that ability. This is also the same reason as to why I can’t show my Google MyMaps on Wikia because it needs either: Google Maps MyMaps API support-OR- HTML Verbatim support.

      The maps can be found at

      The maps are currently listed as links, however, I’m wanting to show them instead on the pages that I’ll make for each one. :D

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    • I’m afraid there’s not much I can do for you - sending a request to our support team through Special:Contact is your best bet. They’ll take the request into consideration.

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    • Already did a year ago. Kirkburn said that the Maps feature can only be updated or upgraded to newer features if it benefits Wikia overall. I would gladly recommend that it'll benefit the majority of the Wikis here, mine included. Examples that would benefit this are Travel Blogs, Game Guides, Films, TV Shows. Those would benefit it because of the way Google MyMaps is. The only other way for me would be if it's like how the Maps are at lets say Nukapedia at

      I could just keep trying Special Contact until it gets through. I might do that.

      Thanks for the help, Mark.

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    • A FANDOM user
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