• Hello, it's so cool that you've taken the time to make these. However, some of your information is incorrect. Wishing Well Cottage is the name of the Dingles' Farm, not a secondary name for Holdgate Farm. Also I believe the show was filmed on and inside real properties until 1998 but I will have to check on that...

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    • @Danielroxheaps I'll correct my map later¬†tonight about Wishing Well Cottage. I researched fully before putting everything together. Emmerdale Wiki and Emmerdale map at and other websites helped. I added the links on my Map page on my personal Wiki at

      The information regarding Hotten and other places in earlier Episodes is very much correct as far as my knowledge goes. I'm still watching the show and as up-to-date with it since Trisha's Tree Storm crashed on the Red Telephone Box.

      I hope that I'm right considering the amount of time I've spent putting it together. I've even added the Coronation Street Special map made by The Sun Newspaper as part of their March 1996 Special Edition! - , which I found while searching for accurate Coronation Street maps in 2012 and the original image is no where on Google Images, so I guess it was a good find on my part. I've yet to visit the TV Sets myself personally.

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    • If you'd like I can go through and help ensure everything is correct. It's just so cool to find in order to see all the filming locations, brilliant job.

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    • Please, would appreciate it. If anything is incorrect, please add it to this Thread and I'll add it to the Map at the sametime of those corrected locations. I've tried my best considering that I've only seen some of the earlier episodes and I'm more up-to-date with the current series. I'm still adding more details to the Map as it's never going to be truely finished.¬†:D

      My first proper blog, Real Filming Locations, is that I've decided at the time that I wanted a blog that showcases real locations and real facts, unlike other filming location websites which only show a handful rather than the entire list of locations including those not mentioned in the Behind The Scenes, so it takes some time to compile a full list of locations but I feel relieved and excited at the end of it.

      Found almost every location from The Hunger Games series and I've found every location from Fallout video games and the locations featured in Assassin's Creed series so far. I do enjoy visiting to places and most of them I've not visited to yet so it's still early days for me.

      You can also make your own maps at but you need to be logged into your Google account to be able to make a free map.

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