• Hey hey :) Thanks for submitting your Wikia.js code to the JS review process. I do wanna make you aware of a couple of issues, though. First, the RSS call is for an http, rather than https, protocol. It'll be best for you to make sure that your JS always uses https. That's easy enough to change, of course, but the big thing is that it's really not working, and I wanted to give you an opportunity to reconsider the URLs you've chosen. For instance, the RSS feed is flatly not producing any results; it just shows the URL. Consider using the "enter test mode" button on the "Custom JavaScript status" module on the right rail of a JS page. It'll help you see whether or not you've found a URL that's actually working. Also, as regards the RSS module specifically, you might wanna take a look at community:help:RSS. Thanks!

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    • I've made corrections. Oddly, the correct code for displaying the calendar only works in the page and not on the sidebar. If you're interested in the calendar code that I want to display in my sidebar, look for Main in the View Source available at

      I've added my Facebook Timeline and Twitter Timeline in the latest Wikia.js , I hope it works. I've tested it out, like you said. Just cleaning up my Homepage as I was considering adding the information to my sidebar.

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