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76 States, still being listed.


The state of Meesters was added to The Statement in the year 2200. After it's war for independence failed, the neighbouring states of Escapade, Warren, Marshall and South Warren have decided as a committee to formally endorse and support the state of Meesters because of it's extensive help in the battles that shaped the southern archipelagos. The Statement was drafted at The Signing Hall at The Marching Hall in the city of Marching, a now small District in the city of Troubled Water in Escapade.


  • Warren Woodhouse Memorial Bridge
  • Là Palaìs De Meesters
  • Statut De King Meesters
  • Ft. Masterston
  • Town Of Masterston
  • Citie De Meesters
  • Ft. Masterston Mine Shaft
  • The Quell Royal Museum Of Antiquities & Artefacts


The state of Escapade was added to The Statement in the year 2109. After the war against the neighbouring states was a success, Escapade flourished and thrived. 7 large islands make up this state, the major hub of southern commercial shipping in the south of the country.


  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • City Of Troubled Water
  • The Marching Hall
  • Union University
  • The Hexagon
  • The Marching AFB
  • Old Waterfront
  • Ft. Troubled Water
  • Troubled Water Inlet
  • Union Beach
  • Troubled Water Union Bank
  • Old Castle
  • Water Street Stock Exchange
  • Union Square
  • Escapade State Island Prison
  • Escapade State Island Mental Hospital For The Criminally Insane
  • Mt. Escapade
  • Escapade Island
  • Escapade State Island
  • Old Island
  • New Island
  • Tiny Island
  • Union Island
  • Able Island