It's been nearly 4 years since I first played on SKYRIM on my PS4 and I've almost finished the game's total trophy count.

Lots of enemies slained by my hand of the bow. Countless days and nights have been spent aiming at the Legend trophy. I'm now at level 58 and certainly nearing towards the level of 78 in order to slain a level 70 dragon!!

These fierce dragons can kill you if you're unprepared so I'm taking extra precautions as lead up to my final moments.

I'm very certain that I'll take out this dragon before this year is out otherwise my next year's major priority is to complete this game.

This game has amazed and astounded my expectations beyond what I was hoping to see in the game. I'm always, most certainly, encountering new miscellaneous quests and new side quests that I haven't experienced before.

If you haven't played this game, I highly and personally recommend it.

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