Posted On: 22nd August 2016 at 2:00pm GMT+00 (North East, England, United Kingdom.)

Posted By: Warren Woodhouse

Meal Out At Chiquitos At intuMetroCentre With My Sister Kirsty

Photo of me wearing a Mexican Sombrero Hat at a Mexican-Themed Restaurant. Photo by Kirsty Woodhouse.

Here is a photo of me wearing a Mexican Sombrero hat at Chiquitos at intuMetroCentre. Photo taken by my sister Kirsty Woodhouse.
Me and my sister Kirsty had an awesome day out today. First off, we went to Dobbies in Ponteland and bought a Fuchsia 'Genii' (Hardy) (Large Plant), which looks like Honeysuckle since both are pink and feature another prominent colour, since this Fuchsia has Dark Purple where as Honeysuckle has Yellow & White.
After that, we bought some lunch from Tesco in Kingston Park and then I watched some TV until Kirsty returned from mucking out the horses and then we went for our meal out at Chiquitos, which is a Mexican-themed restaurant inside intuMetroCentre in Gateshead.
I ordered a drink of Apple & Mango J2O and I ordered my meal which was Five Bean Chilli Tacos, the vegetarian meal. My sister Kirsty ordered a drink of Pepsi Max and ordered her meal which was Enchiladas with Salad and Chips for us both to share.
After our meal, we walked around the MetroCentre for a little bit. We checked out some of my favourite stores which are HMV, Game, Primark & MenKind. We bought some deodorant for my sister's boyfriend while at Superdrug. My sister bought me a Jack Daniel's Wallet from MenKind.
After doing a little shopping, we went to see Finding Dory at the ODEON IMAX at intuMetroCentre.
The movie was awesome. I really enjoyed my day out with my youngest sister Kirsty.

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