Updated Post (5th September 2019) | Original Post (17th August 2019)

Updated Post Date: 5th September 2019 | Original Post Date: 17th August 2019. (My post was removed, why?!)

My idea for the next update will be a water bucket that removes large amounts of water in one go, lake and/or oceans. It’ll also be able to re-add water back in by a single drop. This will be highly effective when building underwater structures or building around water in Creative Mode in Minecraft. I would love to see this type of feature in the Console Editions, especially the PlayStation 4, but if you’re willing to include it on the PC Edition they’ll be fine too but mostly for all versions of Minecraft.

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Something I’ve suggested on the Minecraft Feedback site. In this suggestion I’ve mentioned a type of water bucket that will be useful for beginners and advanced users for Creative Mode. This bucket will be able to remove large sections of water with just a tap rather than removing it one block at a time, which is painstaking and takes forever. So my suggestion might actually be useful in many ways, especially if building a large project underwater. To vote for this to be featured and considered in all versions of Minecraft, head to the page link in this post and cast your vote!! Thanks.

- Warren Woodhouse

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