Ne Recte Deorsum Suffodito. Latin quote on an official book I found on the official publisher website. The quote has four meanings in Latin:

Not rightly straight downwards. (ne = not recte = rightly deorsum = downwards suffodito = Straight)

Never dig down.

Do not be torn down.

Don’t Dig Straight Down.

The reason behind this odd mysterious and alering quote is because it says it in the game script! Yes, in the game script it says “Never dig straight down.”. It’s also a wise Master Minecrafter quote.

If you was to play on Survival Mode and dig straight down, you’ll end up inside a cave with a Creeper waiting for you and they explode violently!!

To avoid this, dig a tunnel at an angle to avoid falling into potential danger. Also at the bottom of random spots on the map you’ll find hidden areas that turn off the mobs (enemies) script generator to prevent them from making more of themselves. This is useful and hard to find.

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