Me, my sister Kirsty and my mum went on a brewery tour at the brewery of Twice Brewed Brew House in the tiny village of Twice Brewed in rural Northumberland, England, United Kingdom..

The brewery inn house is lovingly decorated with lush countryside furnishings, a beer garden, a bar, a brewery and very clean bathrooms. The inn house offers bed & breakfast as well.

The brewery tour took place in the adjacent brew house where we saw the giant vats, kettle and equipment which the tour guide was happy to discuss everything about brewing beers, ales, bitters, draughts, meads and even gin, which their currently experimenting with making.

The tour guide explained what each process does, the flavourings, etc., was mesmerized by how much depth and knowledge of his practice that he has so much passion for.

To top it all off, we all got to try samples of various beers brewed on the day, we got to take 3 different types of beers home with us and he had enough time left over for us to ask questions, which of course we did.

Filled with a sense of a great experience, we headed off back home knowing willingly that we had a fabulous day out.

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