Posted On: 23rd September 2016 at 10:35am GMT+00 (North East, England, United Kingdom.)

Posted By: Warren Woodhouse
I've created a zip folder which you can download from my Themes website (soon this week), which will include a link to download my park for use on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 for the PlayStation 1. You can copy the PSV folder to your EXPORT folder in your PS3 folder in your USB Memory Stick, then copy the file to a Memory Card to play on your PS1, if you're still knocking about with the legendary PS1 console. If you're not, you can still play with my park if you've got Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 for the PS1 and are playing it on the PS3, either in English, German or another language.
You will need to download WinRAR from RARLabs website. WinRAR is free, it's not dangerous and it even opens up iPhone Apps as zip folders, so you can easily create your own without any worries. It supports .dmg (Apple OSX App), .crx (Google Chrome App), .rar (WinRAR), .zip (Microsoft Windows Compressed Zip Folder), .ipa (Apple iPhone App) & more. You'll need to follow the instructions on RARLabs website to be able to open and export other formatted zip-like folders. The zip folder is available at Basically, copy the PSV folder in the zip folder to your USB Memory Stick, create the following in the USB Memory Stick: > PS3 > EXPORT > PSV Then drop my file in the PSV folder, simple as that. Enjoy!

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