Posted On: 29th May 2020 at 08:33am GMT+00
Posted In: #thesims4, #gaming
Posted By: Warren Woodhouse

In The Sims 4, Skill Books help you advance in a particular skill, such as Cooking, Gardening, Rocket Science and Video Games, amongst others. You’ll need to be at a certain Skill Level to be able to read a Skill Book. I have listed the skill level below required to be able to read a skill book at that level.

  • Skill Levels 0-4: Read skill book 1
  • Skill Levels 5-7: Read skill book 2
  • Skill Levels 8-10: Read skill book 3

Notes: Found out that if you re-read skill books 1 and 2 you’ll get a Bored from re-reading them. This indicated to me that you’ll need to read a higher level skill book in order to advance in that particular skill. This is helpful if you’re trying to work towards getting the trophy Basketcase.

Tip: Having the trait Speed Reader lets you read books faster and I would recommend having this trait at the earliest possible opportunity available to you.

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