What Is Zsuzsanis?

Zsuzsanis was originally hosted at GPortal. Masikportal means Another Portal in Dutch. The site was originally a Dutch-owned small photo gallery website containing static & animated images by Zsuzsanis. The original images are archived by Woodhouse Archives.

  • Between 2001-2010 was a website containing static & animated images.
  • In 2011, Zsuzsanis received new ownership by Warren Woodhouse.
  • Between 2011-2016, Zsuzsanis was never updated since I forgot to update it. I've been busy sorting out other projects.
  • Between 2016-present, Zsuzsanis is now a small entertainment service with AB as an attachment as it is a former Dutch entertainment service. Zsuzsanis now contains a blog, blogroll, photos, videos, static & animated images and so much more. Zsuzsanis, as a word, doesn't exist in any dictionaries, but it has now been included into The Warrionary (Warren Language Dictionary) and the word's meaning is in Waronis/Warren Language as "Animated Image".

©️Zsuzsanis Másikportál AB. A Warren Woodhouse Company.

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